My Classroom

  1. Student View 1
    Student View 1
    Classroom is starting to come together. This is the view the students have when entering the classroom.
  2.  Student View 2
    Student View 2
    This is the view the students have when entering the classroom looking to the left.
  3. Student Cubbies
    Student Cubbies
    For the Morning routine the students have individual cubbies to place their backpacks and BONES Binders. This view will as be the pace were the students will see their Hopes and Dreams every morning for the school year,
  4. Supplies and Oraganiztion
    Supplies and Oraganiztion
    This area is just in the classroom were the students can turn in homework, or notes for the teacher. It stores the students crayon trays and the red pocket charts hold the students individual papers to take home.
  5. Title 11
    Title 11
    A board that I have created from materials that I have complied over the years, it is BY FAR the most useful thing we do in mathematics all year.
  6. Capet Area
    Capet Area
    Area were we do our morning meetings, shared literature, sight word investigating, and were we talk about our weekly goals.

 I finall got to a  happy place today for my classroom.  I know it will be a wonderful space for the new Kindergartners to be in.
  I am content on the walls in my room this year.   They are neat and organized.
Clean and Modern = Calm and Organized 
All my wall posters have a common color and diamond/rhombus design scheme.  The walls  are an off white color and a lot of the furniture in this room is a natural wood color with blue chairs, I decided to go withprimary colors  for my designs to go with the carpet that is in my classroom.

All the blank spots are meant for future charts, creations, and references needed of the students!
 I have been organizing for the last month and a half working with my husband to come up with design that works for my room.  

Take a look at all the pictures
Word Wall
CSI: Classroom Sight (word) Investigators!
I use a word wall for my sight words. I think that a Word Wall is an essential part of a primary classroom and worth the wall space that it takes up.   I spent years using a "Popcorn Word" Wall but non of the other grade teachers were using it......So I turned it in to  the CSI wall!  I know it is missing the W but the students don't care,   They abosulotely love be sight word investigators.  The students understand that it is a skill that they need so they complete the job/work that is involved with working witht he sight words.  

This was a great transition that I made to my classroom this year. 

Being an AVID School it works well with the organization and career ready!
Word Wall
Calendar Math!
When I set up my Calendar, the first thing I  did was  look at my state standards.  I then decided on what are those key standards, that I teach once or twice, and the kids just don't seem to get it?  For me,my students needed a little more empasis on understanding  Counting and Cardinality (numbers,comparing numbers, and  place value ).  Those were the things I wanted to put on my Calendar.  I go through my standard ( Common Core Standards) and check off  those skills daily during calendar.  

All about the Number ( Math Magicians):   works on Number and Number Sense
 The student, given a set containing 15 or fewer concrete
objects, will tell how many are in the set by counting the number of objects orally; write the numeral to tell how many are in the set; and select the corresponding numeral from a given set of
numerals.  All skills completed when we work on this part of the Wall.  IT is great to see the kids working as

Focus Wall
WAG - Week At a Glance
My focus wall is themed with a Bullpup because we are the Glenwood Bullpups.  My  Focus Wall is an interactive language arts/Math bulletin board that reflects the daily learning in my classroom. Its purpose is to serve as a visual aid for students, to focus their learning and to help them make connections with language arts elements and the new concepts presented in the Units. Our Focus Wall becomes the focal point for new learning. As the learning  progresses, the Focus Wall evolves to reflect a deeper understanding of the ideas discussed in the the different units. 
Week At a